What would happen in your organization if one of your key associates were to leave tomorrow?

Succession Planning ensures an organization’s continuity of mission and direction, smooth and uninterrupted operation, and staff, board and stakeholder confidence in the event of a change in leadership.

The Succession Plan is a strategic initiative that uses present resources to anticipate and meet future events and expectations (anticipated and unexpected), ensures the organization’s stability, and at the same time preserves the legacy of the past.

Succession Planning is a process that engages all aspects and people associated with the organization. From the board and staff to key stakeholders and customers, change is unsettling. Preparations for successful change minimize any negative or disruptive effects.

This process is not limited to planning for the loss of a leader.  A Succession Plan outlines the roles played by each member of an organization and identifies how their knowledge and skills can be captured, transferred and/or nurtured. Effective planning will ensure that the organization remains healthy, that it will be able to focus resources on the mission, program, and/or business, and provides tools to the board and staff that will support the organization’s capacity to manage the changes to come.

A CORE Succession Plan will:

  1. Recognize and honor the leader or key personnel’s pivotal role and seek to define the organization’s future through identifying those characteristics and contributions it seeks to replicate
  2. Help the organization be prepared in all aspects including operations, funding, board and leadership decisions, client expectations and communications in all forms
  3. Clarify authority and decision-making for continued, efficient operation. Roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined and communicated
  4. Ensure and maintain accountability, stability, and viability because roles and responsibilities in current circumstances, and when the transition is underway, are fully understood and agreed
  5. CORE Corporate Consulting will use its extensive experience in Succession Planning to develop a process that engages all aspects and people associated with the organization and provide a CORE solution.