CORE Continues to Partner with the USMC

Over the past year CORE has continued to support the USMC. The Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group at the Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command (MCAGCC) Twenty-Nine has launched an improved logistics course known as the Advanced Expeditionary Logistics Operations Course or AXLOC. CORE has tailored the Logistics behind the Falklands to be more relevant to the Marine Corps 2030 plan. As a result CORE was asked to talk to a senior officers logistic course at the Marine Corps Base at Quantico VA in late March 2021. A number of young captains were also invited which made for an exciting event. Two weeks later CORE returned to AXLOC at Twenty-Nine Palms. Since then, CORE has returned to AXLOC Twentynine Palms in June and Camp Pendleton this August.