What is CORE?

CorelogoCORE is a registered US Government contractor.

CORE Corporate Consulting, LLC, based in Napa California, is an international consultancy business providing services to government agencies, associations and international businesses. Although CORE has worked in the past with civilian business and other groups to create greater understanding of the Middle East its primary focus now concerns logistics for Expeditionary Warfare for military organizations such as the USMC, Canadian Armed Forces, US Corps of Engineers and 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. Charitable lectures are given, from time to time, on military history subjects for the Marine Memorial Club in San Francisco.

These services are provided by Roderick (Rod) Macdonald with over 25 years experience as an officer in the British military including commando, parachute, and armored units along with 20 years experience at the highest levels in international business including general management, sales and business  development.

Camp Pendleton November 2019 with 59 Commando Squadron Royal Engineers

CORE also provides services in specific areas of business practice including strategic planning, board governance/counseling, succession planning, particularly for family owned businesses, interim management, and legal strategies.

Deborah A Macdonald

These services were provided by Deborah A. Macdonald with over 25 years of comprehensive legal and business transactional experience in strategic problem solving in both the public and private sector. She has served as General Counsel in high tech, manufacturing and health care companies, has been the driving force behind and creator of start up entities and programs and a solid record of community involvement. Deborah A. Macdonald is licensed to practice law in California (inactive), Massachusetts (inactive) & Ohio (inactive).