Have you, Rod, previously worked with your brother, Dr. Ian Macdonald of Macdonald Associates Consultancy? Are you familiar with his business modeling?

Yes, I worked with my brother in my spare time through the 1980s and am familiar with his modeling. At that time we were working in Australia for CRA and COMALCO. I did some further work in the early 1990s before eventually working for COMACLO in the US in 1994. I found his work immensely useful and continue to learn a lot from him. It certainly helped me a great deal during my 20 years of operating in the corporate world world wide.

Does CORE offer security services? CORE is an organization that tries to promote understanding of the situation in the Middle East. It is not a security company. CORE offers information and opinion to business customers who seek to enter or expand their offering in the Middle East.  Security information is best obtained from US State Department websites such as:

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